该项目位于重庆市渝中区大坪石油路,总建筑面积11万m2。 该项目定位为重庆市首席小户型居住社区,客户群主要为中青年购房群体,项目定位准确,产品极富卖点;项目于2005年4月开盘,至2005年10月即实现了100%销售,销售价格亦必周边同类型项目高出300元/m2左右。开盘前数百位购房者提前三天通宵排队购房,当年被重庆晨报评为"重庆市最受喜爱的青年社区"。 该项目于是2006年10月交房,以其过硬的工程质量和舒适的园林景观,深受业主好评。 The project is located at Shiyou Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing City with total construction area 110,000m2. The project positioned itself as the chief residential community of small apartment in Chongqing, and mainly focusing on the young and middle-aged buyers. The project had the clear positioning and sellable products which was opened on April 2005 and realized the sales volume of 100% till Oct.2005 with RMB 300 per m2 higher sales price than that of the surrounding similar projects. The top hundred buyers queued all night for buying the house three days earlier of opening. The project was rated by Chongqing Morning Post as "Favorite Youth Community in Chongqing". The house of project was delivered on Oct.2006 and highly praised by owners for its good quality and livable landscape.